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    1. I-DLV-sr: A Stream Reasoning System based on I-DLV
      Calimeri, Francesco, Manna, Marco, Mastria, Elena, Morelli, Maria Concetta, Perri, Simona, and Zangari, Jessica
      Theory Pract. Log. Program. 2021
    2. A Scalable Reasoning and Learning Approach for Neural-Symbolic Stream Fusion
      Le Phuoc, Danh, Eiter, Thomas, and Lê Tuán, Anh
      In Thirty-Fifth AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, AAAI 2021, Thirty-Third Conference on Innovative Applications of Artificial Intelligence, IAAI 2021, The Eleventh Symposium on Educational Advances in Artificial Intelligence, EAAI 2021, Virtual Event, February 2-9, 2021 2021
    3. Deep Neural Networks for Approximating Stream Reasoning with C-SPARQL
      Ferreira, Ricardo, Lopes, Carolina, Gonçalves, Ricardo, Knorr, Matthias, Krippahl, Ludwig, and Leite, João
      In Progress in Artificial Intelligence - 20th EPIA Conference on Artificial Intelligence, EPIA 2021, Virtual Event, September 7-9, 2021, Proceedings 2021
    4. Faster Than LASER - Towards Stream Reasoning with Deep Neural Networks
      Ferreira, João, Lavado, Diogo, Gonçalves, Ricardo, Knorr, Matthias, Krippahl, Ludwig, and Leite, João
      In Progress in Artificial Intelligence - 20th EPIA Conference on Artificial Intelligence, EPIA 2021, Virtual Event, September 7-9, 2021, Proceedings 2021
    5. Streaming Partitioning of RDF Graphs for Datalog Reasoning
      Ajileye, Temitope, Motik, Boris, and Horrocks, Ian
      In The Semantic Web - 18th International Conference, ESWC 2021, Virtual Event, June 6-10, 2021, Proceedings 2021
    6. Towards an Evaluation Framework for Expressive Stream Reasoning
      Bonte, Pieter, Turck, Filip De, and Ongenae, Femke
      In The Semantic Web: ESWC 2021 Satellite Events - Virtual Event, June 6-10, 2021, Revised Selected Papers 2021
    7. Detecting Situations with Stream Reasoning on Health Data Obtained with IoT
      Bourgais, Mathieu, Giustozzi, Franco, and Vercouter, Laurent
      In Knowledge-Based and Intelligent Information & Engineering Systems: Proceedings of the 25th International Conference KES-2021, Virtual Event / Szczecin, Poland, 8-10 September 2021 2021
    8. Deep Neural Networks for Approximating Stream Reasoning with C-SPARQL
      Ferreira, Ricardo, Lopes, Carolina, Gonçalves, Ricardo, Knorr, Matthias, Krippahl, Ludwig, and Leite, João
      CoRR 2021
    9. Faster than LASER - Towards Stream Reasoning with Deep Neural Networks
      Ferreira, João, Lavado, Diogo, Gonçalves, Ricardo, Knorr, Matthias, Krippahl, Ludwig, and Leite, João
      CoRR 2021
    10. I-DLV-sr: A Stream Reasoning System based on I-DLV
      Calimeri, Francesco, Manna, Marco, Mastria, Elena, Morelli, Maria Concetta, Perri, Simona, and Zangari, Jessica
      CoRR 2021
    11. Web stream processing with RSP4J
      In DEBS ’21: The 15th ACM International Conference on Distributed and Event-based Systems, Virtual Event, Italy, June 28 - July 2, 2021 2021
    12. RSP4J: An API for RDF Stream Processing
      In The Semantic Web - 18th International Conference, ESWC 2021, Virtual Event, June 6-10, 2021, Proceedings 2021


    1. Stream Reasoning: From Theory to Practice
      Falzone, Emanuele, Tommasini, Riccardo, and Della Valle, Emanuele
      In Reasoning Web. Declarative Artificial Intelligence - 16th International Summer School 2020, Oslo, Norway, June 24-26, 2020, Tutorial Lectures 2020
    2. Rule-based stream reasoning
      Ronca, Alessandro
      In Reasoning Web. Declarative Artificial Intelligence - 16th International Summer School 2020, Oslo, Norway, June 24-26, 2020, Tutorial Lectures 2020
    3. Fixed point semantics for stream reasoning
      Antic, Christian
      Artif. Intell. 2020
    4. Stream Reasoning to Improve Decision-Making in Cognitive Systems
      Oliveira, Caterine Silva,¬†Giustozzi, Franco,¬†Zanni-Merk, Cecilia,¬†SanńĪŐĀn, Cesar,¬†and Szczerbicki, Edward
      Cybern. Syst. 2020
    5. Managing caching strategies for stream reasoning with reinforcement learning
      Dodaro, Carmine, Eiter, Thomas, Ogris, Paul, and Schekotihin, Konstantin
      Theory Pract. Log. Program. 2020
    6. An Adaptive Semantic Stream Reasoning Framework for Deep Neural Networks
      In Proceedings of the CIKM 2020 Workshops co-located with 29th ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM 2020), Galway, Ireland, October 19-23, 2020 2020
    7. Weighted LARS for Quantitative Stream Reasoning
      Eiter, Thomas, and Kiesel, Rafael
      In ECAI 2020 - 24th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 29 August-8 September 2020, Santiago de Compostela, Spain, August 29 - September 8, 2020 - Including 10th Conference on Prestigious Applications of Artificial Intelligence (PAIS 2020) 2020
    8. Handling Impossible Derivations During Stream Reasoning
      Bazoobandi, Hamid R., Bal, Henri E., Harmelen, Frank, and Urbani, Jacopo
      In The Semantic Web - 17th International Conference, ESWC 2020, Heraklion, Crete, Greece, May 31-June 4, 2020, Proceedings 2020
    9. A stream reasoning framework based on a multi-agents model
      Mebrek, Wafaa, and Bouzeghoub, Amel
      In SAC ’20: The 35th ACM/SIGAPP Symposium on Applied Computing, online event, [Brno, Czech Republic], March 30 - April 3, 2020 2020
    10. Fixed Point Semantics for Stream Reasoning
      Antic, Christian
      CoRR 2020
    11. Managing caching strategies for stream reasoning with reinforcement learning
      Dodaro, Carmine, Eiter, Thomas, Ogris, Paul, and Schekotihin, Konstantin
      CoRR 2020


    1. Robust Stream Reasoning Under Uncertainty
      Leng, Daniel
      CoRR 2019
    2. Using casual reasoning for anomaly detection among ECG live data streams in ubiquitous healthcare monitoring systems
      Qidwai, Uvais, Chaudhry, Junaid, Jabbar, Sohail, Zeeshan, Hafiz Maher Ali, Janjua, Naeem Khalid, and Khalid, Shehzad
      J. Ambient Intell. Humaniz. Comput. 2019


    1. Streaming MASSIF: Cascading Reasoning for Efficient Processing of IoT Data Streams
      Bonte, Pieter, Tommasini, Riccardo, Della Valle, Emanuele, Turck, Filip De, and Ongenae, Femke
      Sensors 2018
    2. Reasoning Web. Learning, Uncertainty, Streaming, and Scalability - 14th International Summer School 2018, Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg, September 22-26, 2018, Tutorial Lectures
      Sensors 2018


    1. Almost Event-Rate Independent Monitoring of Metric Temporal Logic
      Basin, David A., Bhatt, Bhargav Nagaraja, and Traytel, Dmitriy
      In TACAS (2) 2017
    2. Operator-aware approach for boosting performance in RDF stream processing
      Le-Phuoc, D.
      Journal of Web Semantics 2017


    1. StreamJess: a stream reasoning framework for water quality monitoring
      Jajaga, Edmond, Ahmedi, Lule, and Ahmedi, Figene
      Int. J. Metadata Semant. Ontologies 2016
    2. StreamJess: Enabling Jess for Stream Data Reasoning and the Water Domain Case
      Jajaga, Edmond, Ahmedi, Lule, and Ahmedi, Figene
      In Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management - EKAW 2016 Satellite Events, EKM and Drift-an-LOD, Bologna, Italy, November 19-23, 2016, Revised Selected Papers 2016
    3. RFID-based logistics monitoring with semantics-driven event processing
      Rinne, Mikko, Solanki, Monika, and Nuutila, Esko
      In DEBS 2016
    4. Ontology-Based Integration of Streaming and Static Relational Data with Optique
      In SIGMOD Conference 2016
    5. Apache Spark: a unified engine for big data processing
      Zaharia, Matei, Xin, Reynold S., Wendell, Patrick, Das, Tathagata, Armbrust, Michael, Dave, Ankur, Meng, Xiangrui, Rosen, Josh, Venkataraman, Shivaram, Franklin, Michael J., Ghodsi, Ali, Gonzalez, Joseph, Shenker, Scott, and Stoica, Ion
      Commun. ACM 2016
    6. POL: A Pattern Oriented Load-Shedding for Semantic Data Stream Processing
      Belghaouti, Fethi, Bouzeghoub, Amel, Kazi-Aoul, Zakia, and Chiky, Raja
      In WISE (2) 2016
    7. Explanatory Diagnosis of an Ontology Stream via Reasoning About Actions
      Yu, Quan, Wan, Hai, Xu, Jiangtao, Lécué, Freddy, and Chang, Liang
      In ECAI 2016
    8. CityPulse: Large Scale Data Analytics Framework for Smart Cities
      Puiu, Dan, Barnaghi, Payam M., Toenjes, Ralf, Kuemper, Daniel, Ali, Muhammad Intizar, Mileo, Alessandra, Parreira, Josiane Xavier, Fischer, Marten, Kolozali, Sefki, FarajiDavar, Nazli, Gao, Feng, Iggena, Thorben, Thu-Le Pham, , Nechifor, Cosmin-Septimiu, Puschmann, Daniel, and Fernandes, João
      IEEE Access 2016
    9. From Business Intelligence to semantic data stream management
      Aufaure, Marie-Aude, Chiky, Raja, Curé, Olivier, Khrouf, Houda, and Képéklian, Gabriel
      Future Generation Comp. Syst. 2016
    10. Building Urban LOD for Solving Illegally Parked Bicycles in Tokyo
      Egami, Shusaku, Kawamura, Takahiro, and Ohsuga, Akihiko
      In International Semantic Web Conference (2) 2016
    11. Scalable Semantic Access to Siemens Static and Streaming Distributed Data
      In International Semantic Web Conference (Posters & Demos) 2016
    12. Towards Analytics Aware Ontology Based Access to Static and Streaming Data
      In International Semantic Web Conference (2) 2016
    13. Taming velocity and variety simultaneously in big data with stream reasoning: tutorial
      Della Valle, Emanuele, Dell’Aglio, Daniele, and Margara, Alessandro
      In DEBS 2016
    14. Distributed RDF Query Answering with Dynamic Data Exchange
      Potter, Anthony, Motik, Boris, Nenov, Yavor, and Horrocks, Ian
      In International Semantic Web Conference (1) 2016
    15. S2RDF: RDF Querying with SPARQL on Spark
      Schätzle, Alexander, Przyjaciel-Zablocki, Martin, Skilevic, Simon, and Lausen, Georg
      PVLDB 2016
    16. SABER: Window-Based Hybrid Stream Processing for Heterogeneous Architectures
      Koliousis, Alexandros, Weidlich, Matthias, Fernandez, Raul Castro, Wolf, Alexander L., Costa, Paolo, and Pietzuch, Peter R.
      In SIGMOD Conference 2016
    17. Planning Ahead: Stream-Driven Linked-Data Access Under Update-Budget Constraints
      Gao, Shen, Dell’Aglio, Daniele, Dehghanzadeh, Soheila, Bernstein, Abraham, Della Valle, Emanuele, and Mileo, Alessandra
      In International Semantic Web Conference (1) 2016
    18. Towards declarative programming and querying in a distributed Cyber-Physical System: The i-VISION case
      Käfer, Tobias, Harth, Andreas, and Mamessier, Sebastien
      In CPS Data 2016
    19. Tractable approximate deduction for OWL
      Pan, Jeff Z., Ren, Yuan, and Zhao, Yuting
      Artif. Intell. 2016
    20. Frames: data-driven windows
      Grossniklaus, Michael, Maier, David, Miller, James, Moorthy, Sharmadha, and Tufte, Kristin
      In DEBS 2016
    21. Remembering the Important Things: Semantic Importance in Stream Reasoning
      Yan, Rui, Greaves, Mark T., Smith, William P., and McGuinness, Deborah L.
      In SR+SWIT@ISWC 2016
    22. A Query Model to Capture Event Pattern Matching in RDF Stream Processing Query Languages
      Dell’Aglio, Daniele, Dao-Tran, Minh, Calbimonte, Jean-Paul, Le Phuoc, Danh, and Della Valle, Emanuele
      In EKAW 2016
    23. Query Templates for RDF Stream Processing
      Keskisärkkä, Robin
      In SR+SWIT@ISWC 2016
    24. Stream Reasoning Using Temporal Logic and Predictive Probabilistic State Models
      Tiger, Mattias, and Heintz, Fredrik
      In TIME 2016
    25. Towards Practical OBDA with Temporal Ontologies - (Position Paper)
      Calvanese, Diego,¬†Kalayci, Elem G√ľzel,¬†Ryzhikov, Vladislav,¬†and Xiao, Guohui
      In RR 2016
    26. Heaven: A Framework for Systematic Comparative Research Approach for RSP Engines
      Tommasini, Riccardo, Della Valle, Emanuele, Balduini, Marco, and Dell’Aglio, Daniele
      In ESWC 2016
    27. Benchmarking RDF Query Engines: The LDBC Semantic Publishing Benchmark
      Kotsev, Venelin, Minadakis, Nikos, Papakonstantinou, Vassilis, Erling, Orri, Fundulaki, Irini, and Kiryakov, Atanas
      In BLINK@ISWC 2016
    28. YABench: A Comprehensive Framework for RDF Stream Processor Correctness and Performance Assessment
      Kolchin, Maxim, Wetz, Peter, Kiesling, Elmar, and Tjoa, A Min
      In ICWE 2016
    29. On Measuring Performances of C-SPARQL and CQELS
      Ren, Xiangnan, Khrouf, Houda, Kazi-Aoul, Zakia, Chabchoub, Yousra, and Curé, Olivier
      In SR+SWIT@ISWC 2016
    30. Qualitative Spatio-Temporal Stream Reasoning with Unobservable Intertemporal Spatial Relations Using Landmarks
      de Leng, Daniel, and Heintz, Fredrik
      In AAAI 2016
    31. TripleWave: Spreading RDF Streams on the Web
      Mauri, Andrea, Calbimonte, Jean-Paul, Dell’Aglio, Daniele, Balduini, Marco, Brambilla, Marco, Della Valle, Emanuele, and Aberer, Karl
      In International Semantic Web Conference (2) 2016
    32. On Unified Stream Reasoning
      Dell’Aglio, Daniele
      In International Semantic Web Conference (2) 2016


    1. Web Stream Reasoning: From Data Streams to Actionable Knowledge
      Mileo, Alessandra
      In Reasoning Web. Web Logic Rules - 11th International Summer School 2015, Berlin, Germany, July 31 - August 4, 2015, Tutorial Lectures 2015
    2. CitySensing: Fusing City Data for Visual Storytelling
      Balduini, Marco, Della Valle, Emanuele, Azzi, Matteo, Larcher, Roberto, Antonelli, Fabrizio, and Ciuccarelli, Paolo
      IEEE MultiMedia 2015
    3. Incremental Update of Datalog Materialisation: the Backward/Forward Algorithm
      Motik, Boris, Nenov, Yavor, Piro, Robert Edgar Felix, and Horrocks, Ian
      In AAAI 2015
    4. RDFox: A Highly-Scalable RDF Store
      Nenov, Yavor, Piro, Robert, Motik, Boris, Horrocks, Ian, Wu, Zhe, and Banerjee, Jay
      In International Semantic Web Conference (2) 2015
    5. LARS: A Logic-Based Framework for Analyzing Reasoning over Streams
      Beck, Harald, Dao-Tran, Minh, Eiter, Thomas, and Fink, Michael
      In AAAI 2015
    6. Applying Semantic Interoperability Principles to Data Stream Management
      Dell’Aglio, Daniele, Balduini, Marco, and Della Valle, Emanuele
      In AAAI 2015
    7. Semantic Access to Siemens Streaming Data: the Optique Way
      In International Semantic Web Conference (Posters & Demos) 2015
    8. Twitter Heron: Stream Processing at Scale
      Kulkarni, Sanjeev, Bhagat, Nikunj, Fu, Maosong, Kedigehalli, Vikas, Kellogg, Christopher, Mittal, Sailesh, Patel, Jignesh M., Ramasamy, Karthik, and Taneja, Siddarth
      In SIGMOD Conference 2015
    9. Apache Flink‚ĄĘ: Stream and Batch Processing in a Single Engine
      Carbone, Paris, Katsifodimos, Asterios, Ewen, Stephan, Markl, Volker, Haridi, Seif, and Tzoumas, Kostas
      IEEE Data Eng. Bull. 2015
    10. MLlib: Machine Learning in Apache Spark
      Meng, Xiangrui, Bradley, Joseph K., Yavuz, Burak, Sparks, Evan R., Venkataraman, Shivaram, Liu, Davies, Freeman, Jeremy, Tsai, D. B., Amde, Manish, Owen, Sean, Xin, Doris, Xin, Reynold, Franklin, Michael J., Zadeh, Reza, Zaharia, Matei, and Talwalkar, Ameet
      CoRR 2015
    11. Heterogeneous cloud systems monitoring using semantic and linked data technologies
      Portosa, Alessandro, Rafique, M. Mustafa, Kotoulas, Spyros, Foschini, Luca, and Corradi, Antonio
      In IM 2015
    12. Semantic management of moving objects: A vision towards smart mobility
      Ilarri, Sergio, Stojanovic, Dragan, and Ray, Cyril
      Expert Syst. Appl. 2015
    13. A Model-Driven DevOps Framework for QoS-Aware Cloud Applications
      Guerriero, Michele, Ciavotta, Michele, Gibilisco, Giovanni Paolo, and Ardagna, Danilo
      In SYNASC 2015
    14. Ontology Based Access to Exploration Data at Statoil
      Kharlamov, Evgeny,¬†Hovland, Dag,¬†Jim√©nez-Ruiz, Ernesto,¬†Lanti, Davide,¬†Lie, Hallstein,¬†Pinkel, Christoph,¬†Rezk, MartńĪŐĀn,¬†Skj√¶veland, Martin G.,¬†Thorstensen, Evgenij,¬†Xiao, Guohui,¬†Zheleznyakov, Dmitriy,¬†and Horrocks, Ian
      In International Semantic Web Conference (2) 2015
    15. CityBench: A Configurable Benchmark to Evaluate RSP Engines Using Smart City Datasets
      Ali, Muhammad Intizar, Gao, Feng, and Mileo, Alessandra
      In International Semantic Web Conference (2) 2015
    16. Optique: Zooming in on Big Data
      IEEE Computer 2015
    17. Approximate Continuous Query Answering over Streams and Dynamic Linked Data Sets
      Dehghanzadeh, Soheila, Dell’Aglio, Daniele, Gao, Shen, Della Valle, Emanuele, Mileo, Alessandra, and Bernstein, Abraham
      In ICWE 2015
    18. The Dataflow Model: A Practical Approach to Balancing Correctness, Latency, and Cost in Massive-Scale, Unbounded, Out-of-Order Data Processing
      Akidau, Tyler, Bradshaw, Robert, Chambers, Craig, Chernyak, Slava, Fernández-Moctezuma, Rafael, Lax, Reuven, McVeety, Sam, Mills, Daniel, Perry, Frances, Schmidt, Eric, and Whittle, Sam
      PVLDB 2015
    19. Running out of Bindings? Integrating Facts and Events in Linked Data Stream Processing
      Gao, Shen, Scharrenbach, Thomas, Kietz, Jörg-Uwe, and Bernstein, Abraham
      In SSN-TC/OrdRing@ISWC 2015
    20. Introducing uncertainty in complex event processing: model, implementation, and validation
      Cugola, Gianpaolo, Margara, Alessandro, Matteucci, Matteo, and Tamburrelli, Giordano
      Computing 2015
    21. Contrasting RDF Stream Processing Semantics
      Dao-Tran, Minh, Beck, Harald, and Eiter, Thomas
      In JIST 2015
    22. Probabilistic Event Calculus for Event Recognition
      Skarlatidis, Anastasios, Paliouras, Georgios, Artikis, Alexander, and Vouros, George A.
      ACM Trans. Comput. Log. 2015
    23. Towards Temporal Fuzzy Query Answering on Stream-based Data
      Turhan, Anni-Yasmin, and Zenker, Erik
      In HiDeSt@KI 2015
    24. On Stream Reasoning
      Della Valle, Emanuele
      In HiDeSt@KI Sep 2015
    25. The LDBC Social Network Benchmark: Interactive Workload
      Erling, Orri, Averbuch, Alex, Larriba-Pey, Josep-Lluis, Chafi, Hassan, Gubichev, Andrey, Prat-Pérez, Arnau, Pham, Minh-Duc, and Boncz, Peter A.
      In SIGMOD Conference Sep 2015
    26. LANCE: Piercing to the Heart of Instance Matching Tools
      Saveta, Tzanina, Daskalaki, Evangelia, Flouris, Giorgos, Fundulaki, Irini, Herschel, Melanie, and Ngomo, Axel-Cyrille Ngonga
      In International Semantic Web Conference (1) Sep 2015
    27. Ontology-Based Introspection in Support of Stream Reasoning
      Leng, Daniel, and Heintz, Fredrik
      In SCAI Sep 2015


    1. A Stream-Temporal Query Language for Ontology Based Data Access
      In Description Logics Sep 2014
    2. Streaming the Web: Reasoning over dynamic data
      Margara, Alessandro, Urbani, Jacopo, van Harmelen, Frank, and Bal, Henri E.
      J. Web Sem. Sep 2014
    3. Reality mining on micropost streams - Deductive and inductive reasoning for personalized and location-based recommendations
      Balduini, Marco, Celino, Irene, Dell’Aglio, Daniele, Della Valle, Emanuele, Huang, Yi, Lee, Tony Kyung-il, Kim, Seon-Ho, and Tresp, Volker
      Semantic Web Sep 2014
    4. Graph stream algorithms: a survey
      McGregor, Andrew
      SIGMOD Record Sep 2014
    5. The CLOCK Data-Aware Eviction Approach: Towards Processing Linked Data Streams with Limited Resources
      Gao, Shen, Scharrenbach, Thomas, and Bernstein, Abraham
      In ESWC Sep 2014
    6. Towards Scalable Exploration of Diagnoses in an Ontology Stream
      Lécué, Freddy
      In AAAI Sep 2014
    7. SPUD - Semantic Processing of Urban Data
      Kotoulas, Spyros, López, Vanessa, Lloyd, Raymond, Sbodio, Marco Luca, Lécué, Freddy, Stephenson, Martin, Daly, Elizabeth M., Bicer, Veli, Gkoulalas-Divanis, Aris, Lorenzo, Giusy Di, Schumann, Anika, and Aonghusa, Pol Mac
      J. Web Sem. Sep 2014
    8. Smart traffic analytics in the semantic web with STAR-CITY: Scenarios, system and lessons learned in Dublin City
      Lécué, Freddy, Tallevi-Diotallevi, Simone, Hayes, Jer, Tucker, Robert, Bicer, Veli, Sbodio, Marco Luca, and Tommasi, Pierpaolo
      J. Web Sem. Sep 2014
    9. EPCIS Event-Based Traceability in Pharmaceutical Supply Chains via Automated Generation of Linked Pedigrees
      Solanki, Monika, and Brewster, Christopher
      In Semantic Web Conference (1) Sep 2014
    10. TriAD: a distributed shared-nothing RDF engine based on asynchronous message passing
      Gurajada, Sairam, Seufert, Stephan, Miliaraki, Iris, and Theobald, Martin
      In SIGMOD Conference Sep 2014
    11. Parallel Materialisation of Datalog Programs in Centralised, Main-Memory RDF Systems
      Motik, Boris, Nenov, Yavor, Piro, Robert, Horrocks, Ian, and Olteanu, Dan
      In AAAI Sep 2014
    12. RSP-QL Semantics: A Unifying Query Model to Explain Heterogeneity of RDF Stream Processing Systems
      Dell’Aglio, Daniele, Della Valle, Emanuele, Calbimonte, Jean-Paul, and Corcho,
      Int. J. Semantic Web Inf. Syst. Sep 2014
    13. RDF 1.1 Concepts and Abstract Syntax
      Cyganiak, Richard, Wood, David, and Lanthaler, Markus
      Int. J. Semantic Web Inf. Syst. Sep 2014


    1. From Propositional to First-Order Monitoring
      Bauer, Andreas,¬†K√ľster, Jan-Christoph,¬†and Vegliach, Gil
      In RV Sep 2013
    2. DynamiTE: Parallel Materialization of Dynamic RDF Data
      Urbani, Jacopo, Margara, Alessandro, Jacobs, Ceriel J. H., van Harmelen, Frank, and Bal, Henri E.
      In International Semantic Web Conference (1) Sep 2013
    3. StreamRule: A Nonmonotonic Stream Reasoning System for the Semantic Web
      Mileo, Alessandra, Abdelrahman, Ahmed, Policarpio, Sean, and Hauswirth, Manfred
      In RR Sep 2013
    4. SPARQL 1.1 Query Language
      Prud’hommeaux, Eric, Harris, Steve, and Seaborne, Andy
      In RR Sep 2013
    5. Real-Time Urban Monitoring in Dublin Using Semantic and Stream Technologies
      Tallevi-Diotallevi, Simone, Kotoulas, Spyros, Foschini, Luca, Lécué, Freddy, and Corradi, Antonio
      In International Semantic Web Conference (2) Sep 2013
    6. Predicting Knowledge in an Ontology Stream
      Lécué, Freddy, and Pan, Jeff Z.
      In IJCAI Sep 2013
    7. Intelligence distribution for data processing in smart grids: A semantic approach
      Nieves, Juan Carlos,¬†Espinoza, Angelina,¬†Penya, Yoseba K.,¬†Mues, Mariano Ortega,¬†and Pe√Īa, Aitor
      Eng. Appl. of AI Sep 2013
    8. ’What affects me?’: a smart public alert system based on stream reasoning
      Banerjee, Snehasis, Mukherjee, Debnath, and Misra, Prateep
      In ICUIMC Sep 2013
    9. Semantic complex event processing for social media monitoring-a survey
      Keskisärkkä, Robin, and Blomqvist, Eva
      In Proceedings of Social Media and Linked Data for Emergency Response (SMILE) Co-located with the 10th Extended Semantic Web Conference, Montpellier, France. CEUR workshop proceedings (May 2013) Sep 2013
    10. Using Intelligent Agents to Discover Energy Saving Opportunities within Data Centers
      Ferreira, Alexandre Mello, and Pernici, Barbara
      In RE4SuSy@RE Sep 2013
    11. Discretized streams: fault-tolerant streaming computation at scale
      Zaharia, Matei, Das, Tathagata, Li, Haoyuan, Hunter, Timothy, Shenker, Scott, and Stoica, Ion
      In SOSP Sep 2013
    12. Scalable Linked Data Stream Processing via Network-Aware Workload Scheduling
      Fischer, Lorenz, Scharrenbach, Thomas, and Bernstein, Abraham
      In SSWS@ISWC Sep 2013
    13. Order matters! Harnessing a world of orderings for reasoning over massive data
      Della Valle, Emanuele, Schlobach, Stefan, Krötzsch, Markus, Bozzon, Alessandro, Ceri, Stefano, and Horrocks, Ian
      Semantic Web Sep 2013
    14. The Spatiotemporal RDF Store Strabon
      Kyzirakos, Kostis, Karpathiotakis, Manos, Bereta, Konstantina, Garbis, George, Nikolaou, Charalampos, Smeros, Panayiotis, Giannakopoulou, Stella, Dogani, Kallirroi, and Koubarakis, Manolis
      In SSTD Sep 2013
    15. OLTP-Bench: An Extensible Testbed for Benchmarking Relational Databases
      Difallah, Djellel Eddine, Pavlo, Andrew, Curino, Carlo, and Cudré-Mauroux, Philippe
      PVLDB Sep 2013
    16. Seven Commandments for Benchmarking Semantic Flow Processing Systems
      Scharrenbach, Thomas, Urbani, Jacopo, Margara, Alessandro, Della Valle, Emanuele, and Bernstein, Abraham
      In ESWC Sep 2013
    17. Introducing Statistical Design of Experiments to SPARQL Endpoint Evaluation
      Kjernsmo, Kjetil, and Tyssedal, John
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