New Stream Reasoning Web site!

We decided that was time to move ahead and to get rid of the 8bit logo of the previous Web site. And here we are: welcome to the new Stream Reasoning Web site! As you may notice, we have a new UI, a new CMS (WordPress) and a new header. But the biggest news are on the content side.

When this Web site started in 2008, it was the house for the research activities of the Database Group of Politecnico di Milano on this – at that time emerging – research trend named Stream Reasoning.

After 8 years, several things changed: the amount of streaming heterogeneous data increased and so did the need of methodologies to manage it. Now Stream Reasoning is a multidisciplinary topic, studied in different communities (e.g., Semantic Web, Artificial Intelligence, Data Management). In a recent Stream Reasoning event, hold in Vienna in last November, researchers from those heterogeneous communities met for the first time. Among the discussions, one was related on the need of collecting the knowledge spread in the recent years in one place.

And it is the spirit of this new Web site: we want to create a hub for researchers and practitioners interested in Stream Reasoning, where to find materials and events related to the topic.

At the moment, the Web site has four main sections:

  • The home page, where we will publish news and updates related to the Web site and more in general on Stream Reasoning;
  • An event page to point/host workshops, tutorials and other events related to the Stream Reasoning world;
  • A resource section to collect description software, benchmarks, ontologies, etc.;
  • An application section to point applications and use case scenarios where Stream Reasoning technologies are involved.

This new Web site aims at being built thorugh a collaborative effort. That means, everyone is welcome as contributor: we invite whoever wants to help to send us pointers, suggestions and news to be added to the Web site. Please find additional information on the contacts page.